2022 Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Associate Administrator, NASA HQ

Director, Kennedy Space Center, NASA

Session Speakers

Associate Professor, College of Aeronautics, Embry-Riddle

Former Astronaut/President, ASRC Federal

Business Development Lead, Axiom Space
CEO, Vaya Space

Founder and CEO Emeritus, Charles F. Bolden Group

Director of Business Development; Civil, Air, and Space Systems, Axient

Sr. Vice President, Business Development,
All Points

President and CEO, Alaska Aerospace Corporation/Kodiak Launch Complex

Sr. Business Development Manager, Axient Corporation

Media and Communications Resident, G-SPACE

Erik Eliasen

Director, Viasat, Inc.

CEO, Bradford Space

CEO and Chairman, Privateer Space

CEO, LEOcloud

HEO Director, International Space Station, NASA

Director, Mars Sample Return Program, NASA

Director of Business and Workforce Development, CareerSource Florida

Former Astronaut/President, Astra Portolan Corporation

Astrodynamicist and Space Environmentalist, University of Texas at Austin

Senior Director of Strategy, Virgin Orbit

CEO, Equatorial Launch Australia

Deputy Associate Administrator, Exploration, Science Mission Directorate, NASA

Civil and Industrial Engineer, NASA

Marketing & Business Development, ILC Dover

Larsen Motorsports w/FL Tech

Senior VP, Corporate Development & Capital Programs, Space Florida

CEO, LeNgineer

VP, Consulting, Bryce Space and Technology

CEO & General Manager, Mojave Air and Space Port (CA)

Executive Director and Principal Investigator, ISS National Lab (CASIS)

Deputy Manager, Deep Space Logistics,
Gateway Program, NASA

Deputy Director, Kennedy Space Center,  NASA

Executive Vice President, ASTROSCALE

Director of Business Development, Northrop Grumman (HALO)

Executive Director, Spaceport America (NM)

Associate Scientist/KSC Swamp Works, University of Central Florida

Associate Administrator, Office of Commercial Space Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration

Deputy Director and COO, Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport/VA Space

President, Commercial Space Technologies, LLC

Founder and CEO, Space Economy Rising

Chief Technology Officer, Axiom Space

Jeremy Parsons

Deputy Manager, Exploration Ground Systems Program, NASA

Managing Partner, Deepwork Capital/Florida Venture Forum

Chief Health and Medical Officer, NASA HQ

Special Assistant to the Deputy Director, NIST

COO, KSC Visitor Complex

Commander, Space Launch Delta 45

Director Strategic Initiatives, IBM Space

CEO, SBIR Advisors

Vice President, Science and Technology and Acting Chief Scientist, ISS National Laboratory

Managing Partner, E2MC Ventures

President & CEO, Alluvionic

Director, Astronaut Training, Orbite

New Ventures & Space Programs, Aleph Farms

Senior Advisor on Climate (acting), NASA

Executive Director, Axient

CSIO, State and Local Government, Dell Technologies

President & CEO, Coalition for Deep Space Exploration

Executive Vice President, Government Affairs and Public Policy, Voyager Space Holdings

Vice President, Government Operations, Virgin Orbit

President & CEO, Axiom

Director, Office of Spaceports, FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation

Program Scientist in the Planetary Science Division, NASA

International Business Development, Network Security, Thales Cloud Protection and Licensing

President & CEO, EDC Florida's Space Coast

Veteran CISO & Cybersecurity Thought Leader, Co-Founder & President, Cyversity

VP of US Operations, Arralis, USA

Vice President of Growth, ARES Corporation

Not Pictured

Chief Sustainability and Resilience Officer, Orange County

Former Head of Climate Studies at KSC, Climate Adaptation Science Investigation (CASI)

Marketing and Promotion Officer, ITALIAN TRADE AGENCY, ASI, AIAD

AI/ML Business Development, NVIDIA

Chief Innovation Officer, City of Las Vegas

Chief Innovation & Emerging Technologies Officer, Orange County