Prime Pavilion

Meet with the Orbital Prime Companies!

SpaceWERX Orbital Prime is a program focused on powering business development for start ups. SpaceWERX has awarded Phase 1 contracts to the below companies who will be showcasing their solutions at SpaceCom Expo 2023. Join us at the Orbital Prime Pavilion to see next-gen solutions on display and participate in several facilitated networking events at our members lounge.

We’d love to schedule some time with you (or anyone from your team) to introduce you to a few of the small businesses developing ISAM capabilities and technologies through our Small Business Technology Transfer and Small Business Innovative Research awards.

If you’d like to join these networking events to get a glimpse of some of the great tech being developed for Space Mobility and Logistics, please contact Natasha Ahmed (nahmed@bmnt.com).

SpaceWERX Orbital Prime has partnered with 122 companies and 66 research institutions across the country to explore ISAM capabilities and technologies along 3 technology tracks:

  1. Resident Space Object (RSO) approach through Rendezvous Proximity Operations (RPO)
  2. RSO acquisition and docking
  3. RSO servicing, to include repairing, repositioning, refueling, deorbiting, reusing or recycling, etc.