Robert T. Richards


Mr. Richards is responsible for Strategy and Business Development for the Advanced Programs Division including Human Spaceflight and Space Logistics business areas. Northrup Grumman’s Human Spaceflight activities include the Cargo Resupply Services for the International Space Station as well as new services in adjacent markets. Space Logistics include new satellite servicing concepts and advanced satellite systems.

Mr. Richards has also been the Northrup Grumman lead for several international new business initiatives. Before the Advanced Programs management responsibilities, he was in charge of customer satisfaction, mission success, and financial performance of Pegasus and Taurus XL Space Launch Vehicles. He has managed a successful launch record including 39 Pegasus missions and 7 Taurus missions. These vehicles were designed to provide commercial low cost access to space. NASA continues to be a primary user of these vehicles to launch small science satellites.

Mr. Richards is an Associate Fellow of the AIAA, an Academician of the IAA, and has received the National Medal of Technology, and the National Air and Space Museum Trophy for technical achievement as part of the Pegasus Development team. Mr. Richards has also received several NASA Group Achievement Awards.