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The Medical Industry is Getting Smarter

At SpaceCom, you can see how to enhance life-saving solutions for the medical industry by learning, networking, and innovating with your peers and other industry executives. See how technology derived from space is used for everyday products and services on Earth.

  • Discover low cost, high-impact services and technologies your company can use today to increase efficiencies and profits and help heal and serve the public like never before.
  • Learn about market-ready technologies and how can you apply them for your business, hospital, and organization and who to connect with to make it a reality.

Applications include:

  • Developing medical breakthroughs by testing in zero gravity aboard the International Space Station
  • Providing solutions to human performance problems in harsh environments
  • Reviewing the latest innovations in telemedicine
  • Applying robotics and artificial intelligence to medical technologies

Special Programs Add Value for Aerospace Attendees

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Medical Overview

Medical diagnostics and treatment are going through a revolution in miniaturization and remote capabilities. Biomedical research aboard the International Space Station is helping researchers develop effective, new medications and teaching important lessons about combating the debilitating effects of aging. NASA’s plan to send astronauts on multi-year missions to Mars is posing immense health challenges, and the solutions developed will have great benefit to the quality of health services on Earth.

At SpaceCom, medical executives and researchers engage with peers in the space, energy, maritime, and advanced manufacturing sectors to explore the technological intersections that will help advance their business.

PLUS . . . the National Laboratory, aboard the International Space Station (ISS), is a testing ground for processes and materials that are directly affected by zero gravity and harsh environments that cannot be found on Earth.

Applications in Action

  • Pharmaceutical Research: Crystals grown in microgravity help scientists understand the atomic, three-dimensional structure of many important protein molecules. These findings are being used to search for cancer cures, stroke prevention, and other diseases.
  • Robotics: NASA is training Robonaut 2 in telemedicine, hoping that one day robots (controlled by humans) could administer care to astronauts aboard space stations and on deep space missions. Several hospitals already use human-controlled robotic arms to perform very fine brain surgery on Earth.
  • Remote & Telemedicine: Advanced Diagnostic Ultrasound in Microgravity (ADUM) investigators modified the training methods and remote guidance techniques developed for the space station to extend medical care capabilities on Earth, including remote environments such as Mt. Everest and the Arctic Circle. Plus, Baylor College of Medicine Emergency Smart Pod (ESP) offers compact deployable medical facilities that not only employ space technologies, but also feed valuable research back to NASA as it develops its advanced remote medical capability for deep space missions.
  • Advances in Radiology: 3-D printing, artificial intelligence, and  virtual reality applications are vastly improving and streamlining the radiology medical field.  For example, a company called Enlitic has developed a lung nodule detector with artificial intelligence that can achieve positive predictive values at a rate 50% higher than a radiologist.

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