Marvin L. LeBlanc P.E., PMP

Marvin LeBlanc
VP, Flight Operations, Hypergiant

Mr. Marv LeBlanc currently serves as the Vice President for Flight Operations at the Hypergiant Corporation leading flight operations design, development, integration, and operations of commercial spaceflight activities for the company.  He recently served as the Executive Director of Operations for the Mantech Corporation in Houston, Texas leading contract and proposal development activities for operations with the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. As Vice President and General Manager for the ARES Corporation, he was responsible for the management and operations of all ARES contracts with the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. Mr. LeBlanc served as the Program Manager for ARES’ support of the NASA Orion spacecraft program management and control services. Marv has over 37 years of experience in the management, design, development, and implementation of command and control systems in the military, energy, commercial spaceflight, and NASA sectors.

Prior to joining ARES, he served with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as the Director of Systems Engineering and the Spacehab Corporation as the Director of Corporate Operations.  He also served at the Harvard/Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics as Flight Director for operations of the NASA Chandra Observatory and with NASA at the Johnson Space Center as Chief of Systems Engineering for Mission Control Center Houston.

Marv holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&I University and a Master of Science in Space Sciences from the University of Houston. He also is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Texas and a certified Project Management Professional with the Project Management Institute.

During his military career with the United States Navy, Marv served as an Aeronautical Engineering Officer supporting the Naval Air Systems Command and the Computer Systems Division of the Office of Naval Research.

Marv is active in many community activities, having served as President of the Bayou Chapter of the Texas Society of Professional Engineers (TSPE) and Vice Chairman for the TSPE State Office for Professional Engineers in Government.  He served as Vice President of the Gulf Coast Chapter of the Texas Association of Sports Officials providing officials for public, private, youth, and semi-pro football programs in the Southeast Texas region.  He is currently an instant replay official on the staff of the Big 12, Mountain West, and Southland conferences of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the National Football League (NFL). He also serves on the Curriculum Advisory Board for the College of Technology at the University of Houston.