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Pre-Made Promotional Materials

Welcome to the SpaceCom | Space Congress Expo 2023 Brand Center! We hope that you will take this opportunity to invite your networks to the most anticipated commercial space event of 2023! Your customers will appreciate you providing them with an invitation to this powerful, and inspiring event. 

Plus, you will continue to nourish your relationships with existing customers and partners, create new ways to work together, and expand your network exponentially. 

We have created market ready, branded materials so that you can promote your participation in SpaceCom | Space Congress Expo. Not only will you help drive attendance to the show, you can drive traffic to your booth! 

Sample Copy for Promotional Use

About SpaceCom | Space Congress: SpaceCom | Space Congress, the Global Commercial Space Conference & Exposition, developed in partnership with the 49th Space Congress – produced by the Canaveral Council of Technical Societies (CCTS) in partnership with NASA-Kennedy Center (KSC), is the first major commercial space event of the year that mobilizes space professionals to discuss, collaborate and influence the business of space. 

Sample Copy: We invite you to join a powerful, global network of space professionals who are creating the solutions and technologies that power off-planet commercialization, create on-planet applications, enable space exploration and build commercial infrastructure. For 2 days, you'll be immersed in a dynamic show floor full of next-generation technologies, 

You can attend Expo for FREE or purchase a Conference Pass for SpaceCom | Space Congress. You can also purchase a SpaceCom PLUS pass which gives you access to the inaugural Space Mobility Conference developed in coordination with U.S. Space Force's Space Systems Command. Space Mobility is a defense-focused conference designed to assure access to the highly contested space domain. To learn more about registration packages, visit the Registration Pricing page. 

Plus, All conference registrants receive the official Commercial Space Week Mission patch! 

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