Special Events

Moonshots Poster Competition

Wednesday, October 28 | 2:00 PM ET – Submissions now closed.       

Hypergiant and SpaceCom have partnered to launch Moonshots, a poster competition for the best and brightest with revolutionary ideas. And the 6 FINALISTS HAVE BEEN SELECTED! 

Watch the top 6 winners present to Lisa Rich, Founder and Managing Partner of Hemisphere Ventures, during the free virtual SpaceCom conference on Wednesday, October 28 at 2:00-3:00 p.m. ET.  Lisa will provide live feedback to the finalists and select a winner during the session! 

Hemisphere Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm focused on frontier tech: synthetic biology, robotics, drones and space.

Preview all final poster selections here! 

Special Presentation: Space Explorers: The ISS Experience in 3D 360-degrees

Monday, October 19 | 2:00 PM ET

Space Explorers: The ISS Experience, produced by EMMY® Award-winning Felix & Paul Studios in collaboration with TIME Studios, is the largest media project ever filmed in Space. Join Stéphane Rituit (Co-Founder and CEO) and Paul Raphaël (Co-founder and Creative Director) of Felix & Paul Studios, as they discuss the studio’s unique creative process and camera technology in documenting space exploration. In this special presentation, see footage of Space Explorers: The ISS Experience days before its global release, and learn how humanity’s journey through space will transform through the power of immersive media. 

Fit Hop Hour with Celebrity Trainer Crystal Wall

Tuesday, October 20 | 2:00 PM ET

Bring the family for an astronaut-style work out with Celebrity Trainer, Crystal Wall. Join for a sweat-filled hour of high energy hip hop music and astronaut inspired dance and bodyweight workout.

Crystal recommends bringing a yoga mat, water bottle, work out clothes, and sneakers. No weights required.

Family Story Time: Ella the Engineer

Wednesday, October 21 | 2:00 PM ET
Storyteller: Nishita Henry

Calling all parents! Bring your children for a special reading of the comic Ella the Engineer and the Burping Caper, brought to you by Deloitte Consulting LLP. Join Nishita Henry, Chief Innovation Officer at Deloitte Consulting LLP, and Anthony Onesto, Creator of Ella the Engineer, and STEM students for an interactive brainstorming session for Ella’s next adventure to space. We will pretend we are executive producers preparing to pitch the Ella series to TV producers.

View the comic here.

SpaceCom Jams: Dalton in Concert

Thursday, October 22 | 2:00 PM ET
Musician: Dalton

Join us for a live performance by Dalton to close out week 1 of SpaceCom on a high note. Network with other SpaceCom fans while enjoying Dalton's eclectic indie beats. 

Dalton is the solo-project of indie musician Nate Harar, who writes and produces each track himself. Yahoo! Voices exclaimed that “Dalton has delivered lo-fi pop at its best,” while Indie Rock Cafe echoed those sentiments, saying “Dalton has breathed new life into the genre.” 

Space Travel At The Movies 

Monday, October 26 | 2:00 PM ET

Supercluster presents an intergalactic journey through film history, exploring how space travel has been depicted in the movies. We'll highlight the ways that sci-fi has influenced real-life space travel and vice-versa, including bold dreams for common, everyday commercial spaceflight.

International Space Pitch Day

Tuesday, October 27 | 2:00 PM ET
Powered By: Allied Defense Accelerator

Join us as we announce the inaugural class of 15 finalists for International Space Pitch Day. Redefining the process for contracting international innovators, the UK and USA have joined forces to launch the ‘Allied Defence Accelerator’ which continues the spirit of the two’s historic bond of combined defense initiatives. International Space Pitch Day will serve as the program’s “demo-day” showcasing high potential startups and innovators from around the globe.

The event will give entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their innovation live to a joint UK-US  VIP panel of transatlantic military decision makers. Companies selected at International Space Pitch Day will walk away with signed contracts awarded on behalf of the US DoD and UK MOD. The panel will select up to 15 startups to receive a piece of the grand prize pool worth £800,000 GBP ($1,000,000 USD). Finalists will be announced at SpaceCom 2020 as they prepare for Pitch Day in November 2020. There will be an interactive Q&A to learn more about International Space Pitch Day and how your company can participate in the 2021.

Michelin to Mars

Thursday, October 29 | 2:00 PM ET
Chef: Sachin Chopra

Mission: Space Food shares their vision for the future of eating in space. Drawing inspiration from unique nutritional needs of astronauts, virtual reality, and trigeminal nerve stimulation, Michelin-star chef Sachin Chopra demonstrates and discusses how the unique environment of space can offer new ways to connect people through food.

The recipe we will be showcasing is a ravioli featuring three distinct ways to enhance flavor. 

While taste is strictly confined to the sensory perceptions of the tongue and nasal passages, the full spectrum of flavor involves all of the senses. This recipe highlights three different ways to obtain flavor, in an environment where olfaction is diminished by the fluid shift of micro-gravity. 

To achieve this, we will be harnessing various ingredients which have the ability to stimulate flavor outside of the standard taste receptors. While this recipe may sound and look modern, many of the ingredients and techniques have been around for centuries. The environment of space can force us to look at problems from a different perspective. Sezchuan peppercorns, agbayun, kokumi and trigeminal stimulation are examples of tools that can be used to build and adapt flavor, past the standard definition of taste.