Test Logos on 2023 Conference Program

Developed in partnership with the 49th Space Congress, expect an enhanced, progressive program that provides the latest-breaking big picture perspectives and critical industry outlooks from topic experts from various agencies, progressive organizations, and beyond.

Participate in formalized sessions, high-profile keynote presentations, dynamic round-table discussions and breakout sessions.


This track will cover how on-planet, end-use industries benefit from the data and technologies derived from commercial space development and how they can further capitalize on them. Topics include end-use case studies, addressing climate change, increasing sustainability, developing end-user customer bases, research needs, creating global standards and more.

Sessions include:

  • Extracting Intelligence from Space & Terrestrial Data
  • Leveraging Satellite Data to Secure Our Planet's Future
  • Developing Space Ecosystems to Match the Demand of Commercial Innovation
  • Cutting Edge Research Results
  • Training for Humans in Space Environments
  • Earth-based Simulations for Future Space Systems & Exploration Missions
  • Filling the Gaps in a Commercially Viable Supply Chain

Focused on optimizing off-planet commercialization, this track will focus on strategies and required technologies for in-space infrastructure, managing space debris through data-driven infrastructure, preparing for future commercial space stations, securing connectivity and beyond.

Sessions include:

  • Mission Critical Connectivity
  • Space Stations of the Future
  • Commercializing NASA & DoD Services & Systems
  • Tracking & Managing Space Debris
  • Disrupters Setting the Pace of Commercial Innovation
  • The Satellite Revolution
  • What's Next for Space Tourism?

Understand the complexities of cislunar, lunar colonization, deep space propulsion, reaching Mars & Venus, long-term human space flight, and more.

Sessions include:

  • Getting to the Moon: Artemis 1 Mission Panel
  • Cislunar: Between the Eath and the Moon
  • Long-term Human Habitation on the Moon
  • Deep Space Propulsion
  • The Importance of Exploration Public Outreach and Engagement
  • Preparing to Live Off-Planet
  • The New Space Race
  • Standardizing Space Data Formats

Covering critical elements required to enable a viable commercial industry, topics include spaceport/ground infrastructure, cloud-based systems and cybersecurity, long-term space flight support, and developing the next generation of space industry professionals. 

Sessions include:

  • Food and Water Infrastructure: What's for Lunch?
  • Cybersecurity Infrastructure
  • Common Use Commercial Infrastructure
  • The Cloud Infrastructure
  • Spaceports Around the World
  • The Workforce We Need
  • Space Traffic Management
  • Integration of Frontier Technologies to Develop the Commercial Spae Medicine Infrastructure

Track & Sessions

Wednesday, February 22

Wednesday Keynotes

Keynote: Fireside Chat with Richard DalBello

Mr. Richard DalBello

Director, Office of Space Commerce, NOAA, Department of Commerce

Keynote: Fireside Chat with Richard DalBello

Mr. Richard DalBello

Director, Office of Space Commerce, NOAA, Department of Commerce

10:30 - 11:30 AM

Extracting Intelligence from Space & Terrestrial Data

Climate and weather profoundly impact all aspects of life on our planet, from personal safety, to transportation, communications, commerce, agriculture, and defense.  To predict the impact of weather events, patterns, long term climate trends – even solar activity – requires the correlation of vast amounts of data  collected in space through ongoing monitoring and measuring activity along with terrestrial data to create a complete picture.

Graham Wild

Senior Lecturer, University of New South Wales

Luciano Giesso

Head of Sales, Global Government, Satellogic

Food & Water Infrastructure: What's for Lunch?

As the length of space travel continues to expand, food production for long-haul flights and missions is becoming more complex. This panel will cover industrial food production in space including biological regenerative systems, robotic kitchens, and more.

Barry Finger

VP Engineering & Chief Engineer, Paragon Space Development Corporation

Carla Uyeda

Entrepreneur, CHEF in Space, LLC

Marilyn Bruno

CEO, Aequor, Inc.

Getting to the Moon: Artemis 1 Mission

With the Artemis I mission, the U.S. is on track to have an established presence on and around the Moon. Hear progress updates from NASA and Industry leaders and what big projects are coming next.

Mark Nappi

Vice President and Program Manager Commercial Crew Program Space and Launch, Boeing

Mission Critical Connectivity

On-orbit connectivity between satellite, space stations, and launch vehicles is increasingly critical to ensure crew, spacecraft and earth-based communications teams can accomplish their mission objectives. Learn about the communications infrastructures required to establish resilient connectivity in space.

Brian Barnett

Founder & CEO, Solstar Space Company

Devin Dickens

Sr. Business Development Manager, Axient Corporation

Jacqueline Good

Founder & CEO, Magnestar Inc.

1:00 - 2:00 PM

Cislunar: Between the Earth and the Moon

Reliable and autonomous navigation beyond GEO as missions move into lunar orbit will be critical to achieving future mission objectives. Speakers will provide updates NASA's CAPSTONE mission and new technologies designed to provide navigation solutions in cislunar space.

Dan Hartman

Gateway Program Manager, NASA's Johnson Space Center

Bradley Cheetham

CEO. Advanced Space, LLC

Mike Allen

Global Vice President, Innovation, Beyond Gravity USA, Inc.

Cybersecurity Infrastructure

Cybersecurity in the highly contested space domain is paramount to maintaining superiority and protecting our assets in orbit and here on earth. This session will discuss methods to establish resiliency within our systems and how to navigate evolving regulations.

Elizabeth Huy

VP of Service Lines, Alluvionic, Inc.

George Kiersted

President & CEO, ECURON, Inc.

Sid Kaul

Chief Innovation Officer

Leveraging Satellite Data to Secure Our Planet

Monitoring data from space is critical for pursuing our commercial space projects, but also for monitoring – and therefore adapting – our climate change and disaster prevention efforts. This session will cover how technologies such as AI and satellite imaging are helping us track our planet's health and inform eco-driven practices.

Dan Katz

CEO and Co-founder, Orbital Sidekick

Lauren Guy

CTO & Founder, ASTERRA

Space Stations of the Future

Future commercial stations will become commercial LEO destinations for people, equipment and research to support space travel, research and commercial projects. Learn how we can prepare these stations for in-space operations, international partnership, as well as LEO and ground-infrastructure needs.

Dr. Erica Rodgers

Senior Technical Analyst, Office of Technology, Policy, and Strategy

Kathryn Lueders

Associate Administrator for Space Operations, NASA

Ken Shields

Sr. Director, Business Development-Commercial Markets, Sierra Space Corp

2:15 - 3:15 PM

Commercializing NASA & DoD Services & Systems

Federal agencies are seeking a more sustainable path where in-space services can be transitioned from government-owned and operated to being managed by commercial industry. Hear from NASA and industry representatives about their transition to commercialized services.

Brian Rider

CTO, LeoStella

Gregory Heckler

Director of the Commercial Services Office, NASA SCaN

Thomas Kacpura

Deputy Project Manager of the Communications Service Project, NASA Glenn Research Center

Devin Dickens

Sr. Business Development Manager, Axient Corporation

Common Use Commercial Infrastructure

As launch demand increases, the development of common use commercial infrastructure around spaceports will become a top priority. Speakers will discuss how to build the logistics and technical support required to keep up with the increasing launch cadence.

Burton Catledge

CEO, Launch On Demand

Kevin Brown

Sr. Vice President of Space Prep, All Points

Dale Ketcham

VP Government & Community Relations, Space Florida

Thomas Engler

Director, Center Planning and Development Directorate, NASA KSC

Developing Space Ecosystems to Match the Demand of Commercial Innovation

Space ecosystems are continuously expanding in many locations across the nation, which is essential as the existing government-owned infrastructure is not currently capable of meeting present day demand. This expansion drives growth across an entire ecosystem both inside and outside the spaceport gates.

Dr. Jonathan Volk

Sr. Manager, In-Space Manufacturing & Advanced Materials, Sierra Space

Dr. Ken Davidin

Owner, Impossible Research LLC (IRL)

Steve Lloyd

Chief Development Officer, All Points

Long-term Human Habitation on the Moon

Topic experts will set the expectations, bring forth the challenges and needs for lunar spaceport construction, required technologies to support a lunar habitat and more.

Daniel Engelhart

Research Scientist, Hedgefog Research, Inc

Haym Benaroya

Professor, Rutgers University

Ryan Denton

Mechanical Engineer, RS&H

3:30 - 4:30 PM

Cutting Edge Research Results

In this session, you'll hear about the latest research projects such as the findings from the ISU Project focused on space for non-space applications, learn about a student research program on the ISS and new suborbital programs, and so much more.

Kim Ellis Hayes

CEO, Hayes Group LLC

Raphael Roettgen

Partner, E2MC Ventures

Beth Mund

CEO, Stellar Communications and Host, Casual Space Podcast, Stellar Communications and Casual Space

Deep Space Propulsion

This session will delve into the development of nuclear power systems that will act as the foundation for deep space exploration to the moon, Mars and beyond.

Dan Clayton

Space Nuclear Launch Safety Project Manager, Sandia National Laboratories

David Chesny

Chief Scientist, SpaceWave LLC

Ivaylo Vasilev

CEO, Astrum Drive Technologies

The Cloud Infrastructure

Although it's one of the least discussed topics in space, cloud infrastructure, particularly Edge Computing, is becoming a critical component of our on-orbit operations. Our cloud data platform needs to be autonomous and flexible to enable maneuverability, reliable comms, seamless data sharing, and more.

Dennis Gatens

CEO & Co-Founder, LEOcloud, Inc

Lisa Kuo

VP of Strategic Sales, Ramon.Space

Mattias Bergström

Lead Product Architect

Theo Laughner

Director of Engineering and Geospatial Services, Lifescale Analytics

Tracking & Managing Space Debris

Making spaceflight – and our planet – safer will be heavily reliant on our ability to safely track and manage space debris. The session will cover methods and technologies for identifying and removing orbital space debris.

Mr. John Dargin III

Founder & President, Ironstar Engineering

Melanie Stricklan

Founder & CEO, Slingshot Aerospace

Dr. Siamak Hesar

Co-Founder & CEO, Kayhan Space Corp

Thursday, February 23

Thursday Keynotes

Keynote: NASA

Janet Petro

Director, John F. Kennedy Space Center, NASA

Keynote: Fireside Chat with Jared Isaacman

Jared Isaacman

Commander, Polaris Dawn, CEO of Shift4

Mr. Christian Davenport

Staff Writer, The Washington Post

10:00 - 11:00 AM

Disruptors Setting the Pace of Commercial Innovation

As start-ups and private companies continue to have more access to funding, they are driving innovation at an unprecedented pace. Disruption will soar and our space projects will move faster than ever. How will these companies work with legacy government agencies on shared goals and missions?

Joseph Kroener

Director, NASA Partnership Office, NASA

Mark Boggett

CEO, Seraphim Space

Spaceports Around the World

This international outlook of current and in-development spaceports will help optimize a well-connected global network of spaceports. From sea-based spaceports to airport-based spaceports, panelists will share their advice on building and operating an agile, connected facility.

Janice Starzyk

Vice President of Government Operations, Virgin Orbit

Melissa Thorpe

Director, Spaceport Cornwall

Tom Marotta

CEO & Founder, The Spaceport Company

George Nield

President, Commercial Space Technologies, LLC

The Importance of Exploration Public Outreach and Engagement

The Artemis mission will require decades of public support, particularly among the next generation. It will be vital to garner support in Washington and the nation as a whole. This panel will speak to how the Artemis program will generate national pride, STEM inspiration, new technologies, high quality jobs, economic development and national prosperity.

Marc Etkind

Associate Administrator for Communications, NASA

Frank Slazer

President & CEO, Coalition for Deep Space Exploration

Training for Humans in Space Environments

Preparing for sustained human presence in space will require extensive research, training, technological advancements. Learn more about the transfer and retention of training in analog and virtual spaceflight environments.

Ben Stanley

Researcher, Stevens Institute of Technology

Dr. Erik Seedhouse

Associate Professor, Space Operations, Embry Riddle

11:15 AM - 12:15 PM

Earth-Based Simulations for Future Space Systems & Exploration Missions

This technical session will focus on the systems and technology required to create dependable on-planet simulations in preparation for future space systems and space exploration. Topics to include digital engineering, digital twinning, simulation standardization, communication system designs, and more.

Bjorn Moller

President, Pitch Technologies

Brian Geisel

CEO, Geisel Software

Mark Lombardi

Satellite and Space Workflow Solutions Architect, Keysight Technologies

Naushad Rahman

CEO, Delta-V Robotics

Damon Curry

Business Development Manager, Pitch Technologies

Preparing to Live Off Planet

As we begin to move towards a space faring civilization, we need to design business operations and the supporting space technologies to live off planet. Discover the practical considerations related to the design, development and operation for human occupation in space and its supportive operational infrastructure.

Justin Annibali

CEO, Global Space Exchange, Inc.

Patrick Ferrell

Senior Engineer, re:3D Inc.

Trevor Hehn


The Workforce We Need

The expanding commercial space industry is creating immense demand for a highly-qualified and diverse workforce. This session will discuss ways to find specialized employees you need and how we can create educational opportunities to keep the employee pipeline full.

Andrew Shields

President, Naut Normal

Joseph Smith

Director, Mechanical and Aerospace Division, SC Solutions

Shelli Brunswick

COO, Space Foundation

Elizabeth Kennick

President, Teachers in Space

1:45 - 2:45 PM

Filling the Gaps in a Commercially Viable Supply Chain

Success in space will be highly dependent on a well-established and prepared supply chain. Hear more about the business cases that will ensure we have a reliable, rapid deployment infrastructure in place.

Pratish Shah

Defense Systems, Inc.

Scott Hanson

Chief Financial Officer, Burgoon Company

Space Traffic Management

This session will elaborate on the utter importance of creating universally accepted operating rules and standards for better debris mitigation, space traffic management, asteroid detection, and resource identification.

Araz Feyzi

Co-Founder & CEO, Kayhan Space

Melanie Stricklan

Founder & CEO, Slingshot Aerospace

Dr. Joel Sercel

Founder & CEO, TransAstra Corporation

The New Space Race

The new space race is here. To maintain an advantage, the United State's will need to capitalize on opportunity and overcome challenges to develop its space industrial base. Speakers will share insights derived from key space leaders across government, industry and academia that will set priorities and direction for the U.S. space industry.

Casey Anglada DeRaad

CEO & Founder, NewSpace New Mexic

Trevor Hehn


Robert Katz

CEO & Executive Director, World Innovation Network

Walt Gall

Chief Business Officer, Coherent Logix, Inc.

The Satellite Revolution

Satellites are evolving based on our needs for flexibility for on and off planet projects. How do we leverage small sats for exploration? How do pre-launch operations need to change? How can we produce cost effective, high performance solutions to support our satellite networks?

Austin Link

Co-Founder, Starfish Space

Dan Ciccateri

Vice President and General Manager, Launch Support Services, Space Prep, All Points

Khaki Rodway

Spaceplane Sales & Operations Director, USA

Matthew Voss

Chief Operations Officer, NearSpace Launch Inc. (NSL)

3:00 - 4:00 PM

Integration of Frontier Technologies to develop the Commercial Space Medicine Infrastructure

This panel will cover first response training for astronauts, ground-based medical support, mental health solutions, and the integration of advanced technology such as artificial intelligence, haptics, mixed reality and spatial computing to support astronauts.

Emmy Jewell

CTO / Co-founder, MMAARS (Mars-Moon Astronautics Academy and Research Sciences)

Dr. Maria Harney

CEO, STEAM for Humanity

Dr. Susan IP-Jewell

CEO & Co-Founder, AvatarMEDIC, Inc.

Jay Velasco

CMO, AvatarMEDIC, Inc.

Dr. Tamara Pack

CIO, AvatarMEDIC, Inc.

Standardizing Space Data Formats

In order to be interoperable in the space domain, all public-private contracts need to have stated and required data format standards. As emerging commercial technologies continue to provide new capabilities, standardizing how data is collected and delivered will be critical to leveraging industry innovation. Hear from members of the Geospatial Intelligence Space Standards Working Group that are working to develop future data format standards in order for imaging to be interoperable in the space domain.

Diane Poster

Office of Space Commerce, U.S. Department of Commerce

What's Next for Space Tourism?

As barriers to space access are removed for civilians, and flights become more frequent and economical, the need for infrastructure to support a global space tourism industry is growing. Panelists will discuss the supporting services required on the ground and in space to meet the growing demand for commercial space flight.

Cherie Matthew

Architect, Jacobs

George Nield

President, Commercial Space Technologies, LLC

Sharon Hagle

CEO & Founder, SpaceKids Global

TINA Talks

Space Marketing: Competing in the New Commercial Space Industry

Izzy House

Author and Podcast Host, Space Marketing

Building the Infrastructure

Les Lake

Vice President, Business Development, All Points


GITAI Space Robotic Systems

Keiko Nakamura-Messenger

Director of Business Development, GITAI USA Inc.

The Sky is NOT the Limit – Winning the Second Space Race…Together

Robert Katz

CEO & Executive Director, World Innovation Network

Geopolitics of Crew Selection and Intellectual Property Rights on Inner Planetary Space Exploration

Mary Paulet

Talon Analystics and Situational Awareness


Economic Growth and National Competitiveness Impacts of the Artemis Program

Patrick Besha

Lunar Habits

Haym Benaroya

Professor, Rutgers University

Higher Orbits