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Getting to the Moon

With the Artemis Mission, Starship HLS, and NASA Gateway, the U.S. is on track to have an established presence on and around the moon. Hear progress updates from NASA project leaders and what big projects are coming next.

Mike Allen

Global Vice President, Innovation, Beyond Gravity USA, Inc.

Justin Annibali

CEO, Global Space Exchange, Inc.

Brian Barnett

Founder and CEO, Solstar Space Company

Burton Catledge

CEO, Launch On Demand

Cis-Lunar: What Lies Between?

Reliable and autonomous navigation beyond GEO as missions move into lunar orbit will be critical to achieving future mission objectives. Speakers will provide updates NASA's CAPSTONE mission and new technologies designed to provide navigation solutions in cislunar space.

Lunar Colonization

Topic experts will set the expectations, bring forth the challenges and needs for lunar spaceport construction, required technologies to support a lunar habitat and more.

Deep Space Propulsion

This session will delve into the development of nuclear power systems that will act as the foundation for deep space exploration to the moon, Mars and beyond.

The Future with Artemis

The Artemis mission will require decades of public support, particularly among the next generation. It will be vital to garner support in Washington and the nation as a whole. This panel will speak to how the Artemis program will generate national pride, STEM inspiration, new technologies, high quality jobs, economic development and national prosperity

Advancements in Biotechnology 

As we increase our mission duration in space, we need to prepare and equip astronauts with the necessary biotech to manage their environment and maximize human performance and health.

The New Space Race

The new space race is here. To maintain an advantage, the United State's will need to capitalize on opportunity and overcome challenges to develop its space industrial base. Speakers will share insights derived from key space leaders across government, industry and academia that will set priorities and direction for the U.S. space industry.