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Launching the Trillion Dollar Space Economy

SpaceCom serves as a bridge between all stakeholders in this new commercial space market. The mission is to stimulate the economic growth and technological advancements of the U.S. space industry in partnership with aerospace, government and industry, thus launching the trillion-dollar space economy.

SpaceCom provides you the strategic information you need to set your business up for success in the evolving space economy. By attending SpaceCom, you will leave with the following benefits:

  • Learn how your company should plan and strategize to take advantage of the commercial space market
  • Discover the logistics needed to revolutionize
  • Gain a full understanding of how to implement these plans to set your company up for success in the commercial space market
  • Network with prospective business partners that are displaying the newest technologies, products and services needed to help your company reach its full potential

The space industry has roared back to life with new and significant innovations – ensure your company is on the cutting-edge of this market today by attending SpaceCom.

The ingenuity and innovation of the private sector and NASA will be on display at SpaceCom. The space industry has roared back to life with new and significant innovations.

Did you hear the exciting news? NASA and the Department of Commerce Join Forces to Collaborate on SpaceCom.

Registration Opens in June!

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