Darlene M. Wiedemann

Darlene-WiedemannDarlene M. Wiedemann, Lead for Planetary Sustainability at NASA Ames Research Center, joined the Space Portal Office in February 2014. Since then she has coordinated several conferences and workshops, such as Perchlorate on Mars, the Economics of NEOs, and the Sustainability Plaza at NASA's Ames Research Center 75th Anniversary open house. In 2015, she co-coordinated with BCDC and Assemblymember Rich Gordon's office, Meeting the Challenge of Sea Level Rise in Santa Clara County. She continues to spearhead NASA Ames' Planetary Sustainability initiative founded by Dr. John Cumbers and the Space Portal Office. The Planetary Sustainability initiative connects NASA's unique talents, capabilities and culture to create public/private partnerships in developing effective solutions for current and future planetary sustainability challenges. Currently, she is working on a closed loop living pilot project which will help mitigate the negative nature of food deserts and food-import dependent communities from the unfortunate trends in sea level rise, droughts, and changes in ecosystems.